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Tampa Rejects Skateboarding Club | Founded In 2017 | Local Tampa Skaters

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Tampa Rejects was founded in 2017 as a positive movement to help inspire the art of skateboarding.

Tampa Skateboarding

Tampa Florida Skateboard Culture

Tampa, Florida, has a rich history in the skateboarding scene, with a thriving community and notable contributions to the sport. 

The Bro Bowl

One iconic landmark that has played a significant role is the Bro Bowl, one of the oldest public skate parks in the world, located in Tampa’s Perry Harvey Sr. Park. Originally constructed in 1978, the Bro Bowl has served as a hub for skateboarders and helped push the evolution of skateboarding culture. 

Skateboard Community

Despite facing threats of demolition, the local skateboarding community successfully advocated for its preservation, and the Bro Bowl remains a historic symbol of Tampa’s commitment to skateboarding.

Skatepark of Tampa
Tampa Tuesdays | Oldman Tuesday | Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa, Florida Skateboarding History

The city is also renowned for hosting the annual Tampa Pro skateboard contest, organized by the Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT). Since its inception in 1995, the Tampa Pro has become one of the premier events in professional skateboarding, attracting top athletes from around the world.

Tampa’s A Skaters Paradise

The contest not only showcases the talent of skateboarders but has also contributed to Tampa’s reputation as a skateboarding hotspot. Tampa’s skateboarding history reflects a blend of preservation, community engagement, and a commitment to fostering the sport’s growth and recognition.