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Rep the Tampa Underground: Toaster Bath Bomb Tee

Calling all Tampa Rejects and fans of shredding tunes! This epic tee is your chance to rep the legendary local band, Toaster Bath Bomb, and show your love for the Tampa Bay underground music scene.

Loud and Proud:

The front of this high-quality [t-shirt material: cotton, cotton blend, etc.] tee features a bold and eye-catching print of the Toaster Bath Bomb logo. Available in a variety of sizes (mention size range), this shirt is perfect for rocking out at your next concert or showing your underground music cred around town.

More Than Merch, It’s a Movement:

By rocking this Toaster Bath Bomb tee, you’re not just buying a shirt – you’re supporting a kickass local band and the vibrant Tampa Bay music scene. Tampa Rejects is all about fostering creativity and shredding, both on the board and on stage.

Comfy and Built to Last:

This Toaster Bath Bomb tee is made with comfort in mind. The [t-shirt material: cotton, cotton blend, etc.] fabric is breathable and soft, perfect for mosh pits or chillin’ with friends. Plus, it’s built to last, so you can rep your love for Toaster Bath Bomb for years to come.

Shop Local, Shred Local:

This Toaster Bath Bomb tee is only available here at So snag yours today and join the Tampa Rejects movement! Support local music, shred the concrete jungle, and blast your favorite Toaster Bath Bomb tunes – it’s the Tampa Rejects way! – 90% cotton, 10% polyester.

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