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Toaster Bath Bomb
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Toaster Bath Bomb

Toaster Bath Bomb

Toaster Bath Bomb is a band of multi-instrumentalists and composers from the Tampa bay communities and surrounding regions.

The Artist Behind The Music

The artists that form the group bonded over mutual loves for skateboarding, art, aesthetics, production and fashion. This all culminated in a shared goal to create a  music project with a deep and introspective message.

Toaster Bath Bomb Concept

The band is a concept band that explores the topic of ghosts with a quirky and contemporary artistic lens. The band’s concept was derived originally between founding members Pete (aka  “Texas Pete” / madeiran  / “petE”) and Zelle who produced a few early demos.

Zelle and Pete are unique composers from juxtaposed back grounds, who initially became friends and professional acquaintances in the local music scene, many years earlier. Their paths crossed musically after developing a strong social bond that resulted in them mutually contributing to a reggae project that ultimately disbanded. The duo then came up with the concept band that combines punk, surf and alternative sounds with a choir and Toaster Bath Bomb was created!

Multi Instrumental Composers

Shortly after creating the band concept Pete and Zelle  began acquiring interested composers and musicians. Our extended line-up includes Mark Boltwood, Chrystal Krause, Jimmy Dennis, Jay Knickerbocker, and Sean Parkinson.

Pete initially reached out to a long time friend and talented composer Jimmy Dennis to contribute drums and supporting instruments including guitars and piano. Jimmy and Pete formed a strong musical connection that resulted in various side projects such as Other Phantom Creatures and more. Jimmy and Pete spent years as skateboard homies, meeting up weekly at Skate Park of Tampa with Jimmy’s organization, The Tampa Rejects.

Over time the group evolved into the unique and whimsical sound that can only be described as Toaster Bath Bomb. Check them out on all major streaming platforms.

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